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Style Guide

Style Guide for the Wall Art designer
It took a long time to nail this down, but I eventually put together a UI Style Guide for the Wall Art designer. I should have done it sooner because it really helps reduce the time to build prototypes.

Angry Birds on HP Wall Art

Angry Birds Space in the Wall Art designer
I was very excited to work on an Angry Birds Space edition for the HP Wall Art offering. This was only for a demo, but hopefully it get approved. I would definitely put some pigs and birds on my wall.

MiCRO WordPress Theme

MiCRO WordPress Theme
I’ve started on a WordPress theme which was inspired by some great Tumblr themes I’ve seen lately.

Admin Interface

HP Wall Art - Admin UI
A snap of my Admin UI design mocks. Taken with Tyrones Canon. Thanks T-Bone!

Wall Art

Here is my first design I did for the Wall Art site. Very happy with the results. :)

Christ the King

Another WordPress theme under my belt. This one was for my church – Christ the King church which is based in Carmel Mountain Ranch.

CoachFuel sign up

A clean sign up form which will be displayed at the top of the new home page.

CoachFuel Dashboard

My first round of comps for CoachFuel went down well. There is still lots to be done, but the idea of the Season Planner has got the client excited.

MMPP version 2

My original design we rejected by the client, and thankfully so, because this second version is a much more polished and elegant design. I also managed to surprise myself and turned the design into a WordPress theme. It was my first time with WordPress, but it was very easy once I learned about Artisteer.